Allen Grading Company, INC. began its roots as a small Landscaping company started by Chuck and Lori Allen in 1985.  The company started with nothing more than a pickup truck and a used tractor performing small landscaping projects throughout Eastern North Carolina.  By the early 90’s Allen & Company was doing some of the largest commercial landscape projects in eastern and central North Carolina.  In 1995 the company was re-incorporated as Allen Grading Company, INC. as they began to perform Turn-Key Site Development throughout eastern and central North Carolina.

Over the years, Allen Grading Company has continued to grow as we developed a reputation of delivering quality projects on time and within budget.  Allen acquired another firm in early 2000 contributing to our growth.   

Today Allen Grading Company is among the top commercial site development contractors serving the eastern and central regions of North Carolina.  Allen completes major earthmoving and utility projects for a variety of customers including private developers, general contractors, and state and local governments.  Allen Grading Company is a licensed general contractor with an unlimited license classified in Building, Public Utilities, and Heavy Highway.  We look forward to working with you on your next project.